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Computing & Technology


Your first stop for technical assistance. Call at 305-HELP ((212) 305-4357) or email to get started.


Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning helps instructors and academic groups incorporate technology in the classroom and is conveniently located across the street from the library at the Armory.

Mobile applications guidance

Harvey (Cardiopulmonary Patient Simulator)

Harvey, the cardiopulmonary patient simulator offers realistic simulation of the physical signs of cardiac disease: blood pressure, venous pulses, arterial pulses, precordial movements, ausculation, pulmonary ausculation and respiration (abdominal breathing movement). 

Register and learn how to use and Harvey


The library provides several skulls, available for limited time checkouts, to complement your anatomy studies. Stop by the Front Desk to check one out for a 2 hour period.

Test Prep & Continuing Education

Exam Master (USMLE) is a database of over 16,000 questions that appear in the Medical Licensing Exam. Included are clinical cases, graphs, images, charts, tables, etc. Each question is followed by a detailed explanation of a student's correct or incorrect answer. Users can create their own exams or select a "Prebuilt" test. Available prebuilt tests include: USMLE, Medical Certification, Medical Subject Review, Physician Assistant, Pharmacy, Dentistry.

USMLE requires registration before use and provides a basic instruction sheet for getting started.

Online textbooks with case descriptions, procedure videos, images, and lecture resources for study prep.