We collect many ebooks relevant to dentistry. To give you an idea of the available titles we have created a list of selected dental ebooks.

List of dental ebooks in CLIO

You can find more titles if you broaden your search and use a variety of dentistry specific keywords and limit to 'Format: Book' and 'Location: Online'. Below are some terms you may wish to try in the library catalog, CLIO.

craniomandibular gingiv* odontometry pedodontic*
crowns "gums-diseases" "oral health" periodon*
dental jaw* "oral hygiene" prosthodont*
dentin "lip diseases" "oral manifestiations" "root canal"
dentistry malocclusion "oral medicine" "salivary gland"
denture* mandibular "oral surgical procedures" stomato*
"diagnosis, oral" maxillary orofacial "surgery, oral"
endodont* maxillofacial orthodont* teeth
facial molar* orthognathic temporomandibular
"facial pain" mouth "pathology, oral" tooth*

Hint: The asterisk (*) in CLIO and the question mark (?) in CLIO Legacy will stem the search word. This means 'molar*' (or 'molar?') will return results for both 'molar' and 'molars'.