Study and collaboration areas are available throughout the CUMC campus, including in the Health Sciences Library, the Hammer Building, Bard Hall, the Vagelos Education Center (VEC), and Nursing Building, as well as on the Morningside campus. Group study rooms in Lower Level 1 of the Hammer Building may be booked online.

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  Location Quiet study Group study Eating permitted Rooms with a view
Knowledge Center Hammer - Lobby level   Yes    
24 Hour Computer Lab Hammer - Lobby level     Yes  
24 Hour Study Room Hammer - Lobby level Yes   Yes  
Reading Room Hammer - LL1 Yes      
Student Lounge Hammer - LL1   Yes Yes  
Group Study Rooms Hammer - LL1   Yes Yes  
Classrooms Hammer - LL1 & 2, 3rd & 4th floors Yes Yes   Yes (3rd floor)
CUMC IT Computer Lab Hammer - 2nd floor Yes     Yes
Lounge and Recovery Room Cafe Bard Hall Yes Yes Yes Yes
VEC Cascade Vagelos Education Center   Yes Yes Yes


Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center is the main Library space. It is located on the Lobby level of Hammer and offers a variety of spaces: computers, collaborative work tables, and individual study areas. The on-site book collection is also available in the Knowledge Center. See this page for hours.

24 Hour Computer Lab and Study Room

This lab is located right next to the Knowledge Center on the Lobby level of Hammer. The lab is equipped with computers and printers. At the rear of the computer lab you will find the entrance to a 24/7 quiet-study space.

Lower Level 1 (LL1) Reading Room

The Reading Room is located in room LL-112 on Lower Level 1. This room has double doors and is accessed from the main corridor on Lower Level 1.  The room is available 24/7, unless an event is scheduled, in which case a notice will be posted.

Lower Level 1 (LL1) Student Lounge

The Lower Level 1 lounge is located in room LL104 of Hammer (near the Haven Ave. entrance).  This large, well-lit area is open 24/7 and has a printer. It is used occasionally for scheduled events.

Lower Level 1 (LL1) Group Study Rooms

These study rooms, located on the Lower Level 1 of Hammer, are available for group study or collaboration. These rooms can be booked in advance.

Hammer Building Classrooms 

The Hammer building contains several classrooms between Lower Level 1, Lower Level 2, the 3rd floor, and the 4th floor. Students are free to use these classrooms to meet or study whenever they are not reserved or in use. These rooms are generally open most of the day and night. 

CUMC IT Computer Lab

The Computer Lab on the 2nd floor of the Hammer Building has Windows and Macintosh computers, as well as printers and a copier. There is also a self-service kiosk to check out laptop computers. The Computer Lab space is open 24/7 and there is a staffed CUMC IT service desk during daytime hours.

Bard Hall Lounge and Recovery Room Cafe

The Lounge is available to meet or study. It is equipped with a printer. Next door you will find the Recovery Room Cafe. The cafe has room to study as well as a microwave oven, a sink, and drink vending machines. Both areas are located just inside the main entrance to Bard Hall.

VEC Cascade

The Cascade is the series of study spaces that runs up the entire South facade of the Vagelos Education Building (VEC). The VEC is open to all CUMC students.