Analyze Results in Web of Science

The Analyze Results tool is one of the features that sets Web of Science apart from other comparable databases. This tool allows you to segment and examine search results by categories such as authors, countries/regions, funding agencies, and more.

Why use this tool?

This tool is useful for a variety of situations from general information gathering to specific strategizing.

If you are new to a field, this is a great way to identify the top players by looking at authors, institutions, and organizations. For a more established researcher, you can keep an eye on the most prolific authors in your field to find a new collaborator or to keep up with cutting-edge research. Looking for funding? Use the funding agencies category to see which organizations generally fund your type of project.

How do you use this tool?

To analyze your search results, first perform a search in Web of Science. On the results page, click the Analyze Results button on the far top right (see red box in below screenshot).

Web of Science Search Results page

‚ÄčThis will take you to the following page where you can select different categories to learn more about your search results (see red box in below screenshot). You can also download the data and corresponding graphic. You can adjust the graphic by changing the number of results included and the type of visualization.

Web of Science Analyze Results page after search

This is a great tool to play with, so take the plunge and click around to see how it could help your research career.

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