Buh-bye American Fact Finder, hello data.census.gov!

The time has come. Our beloved American Fact Finder has made it to its retirement day. Us data analysts who work with demographic data have many long, loving memories with American Fact Finder: always working with it to find new and insightful information through innovative data analysis. However, it was time for American Fact Finder to go and enjoy its second life…

Although the platform has retired, our journey with demographic data continues. Now, where can we find similar data?

Don’t worry, data.census.gov is your new buddy! Data.census.gov is ”the new platform to access data and digital content from the U.S. Census Bureau“ (Census). This platform was created to improve user experience by having a centralized database, which makes it easier to find datasets you are looking for.

This sleek looking new Census data platform works similarly to American Fact Finder. For instance, they kept the “Advanced Search” functionality, which allows you to filter datasets by topics, geography, years, surveys, and code. Just like before, you can download data in a csv format and upload it to your preferred software to run analysis!

Struggling with the new “Advanced Search” interface? Here is a step-by-step guide. Feeling less shy towards this new platform? Say hello and buddy up with data.census.gov for your next awesome data analysis project!

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