Find related records with Web of Science

Why use this Web of Science feature? 

The Related Records feature in Web of Science is a great way to find highly relevant articles that may not have been captured by your original search. 

For example, say you’ve found one or two superb articles while searching, but you still want more sources to consider. This is an opportunity to use the Related Records feature. Related Records generates a list of records that share at least one citation with the original article you found. It then ranks these records by number of shared references. The idea behind this tool is that articles that share a high number of citations will be on similar subject matters.  

How do you use this tool? 

You can either directly look up the article by searching for the title in Web of Science with the box type changed to TITLE or you can select an article from a search. 

Searching by title

Searching by title

Selecting article through a search 

searching from search

After searching, click on the desired article to go to its Full Record page. Look at the Citation Network panel on the right and click the View Related Records button at the bottom (see red box in below screenshot).

image 3

This will take you to the Related Records page where you can see all the articles that share a citation with the initial article. You can see exactly how many references each article shares with the original by looking at the Shared References section found in the right banner. To view these shared references, just click on the highlighted number following “Shared References:” (see red box in screenshot below).

image 4

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