Find the right path for your pursuits with our Research Survival Skills class

Organizing your research project can be daunting; rest assured that you are not alone in this sentiment. Even the greatest scholars may find it challenging to begin the research process and we are here to guide you!

Our “Research Survival Skills” class will help illuminate the vast array of resources available to the Columbia community; ways to leverage informationist services and citation management software; and guidance in efficiently planning for your thesis, capstone or dissertation.

For example, say you are interested in finding a few recent articles on breast cancer and don't know where to start. This class will suggest databases to search and describe the different ways you can search. While your instinct may be to simply search breast cancer in Google, we will show you how to perform a PubMed search using keywords and MeSH terms. Using quotation marks, we can search the complete phrase "breast cancer" and supplement those keywords with a MeSH term, "Breast Neoplasms"[Mesh]. After searching "breast cancer" OR "Breast Neoplasms"[Mesh], we will change the display option to "Most Recent" allowing you to see what new research is available on the topic.

We recommend this session to anyone looking to begin a new project or paper, whether part of an educational program or for publication.

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