Interested in Data Visualization? SimplyAnalytics May be the Tool for You.


SimplyAnalytics is a web-based mapping, analytics, and data visualization application that enables users to create thematic maps with a few clicks and without prior experiences in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). For beginner GIS analysts, SimplyAnalytics is a good starting place to expose yourself to the world of mapping. Census and other data are embedded in the program, which means that users do not need to pre-process data (i.e. users skip the pain of data wrangling and cleaning). Simply by selecting datasets, year, and data classifications, SimplyAnalytics will create a map for you.

For more advanced GIS users, SimplyAnalytics might not be ideal for analysis. For instance, it offers limited types of analysis compared to ArcGIS or QGIS. However, they do have business and health survey data, which cannot be obtained that easily through web-search.

SimplyAnalytics offers a function to download selected data in shapefiles or csv files and the data comes out relatively clean. What makes this feature great is that you can then use the downloaded data in other GIS software to run a more complex analysis. To dive into SimplyAnalytics, click here!

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