Teamwork Hubs are the Perfect Solution for Small Groups


Have you ever huddled around a laptop screen as part of a collaborative project? The Health Sciences Library offers a great solution to cramped group work: Teamwork Hubs.

The Teamwork Hubs are tables for 2-4 people with two screens attached, so you can easily share information with your group. There are four Hubs in the Knowledge Center (lobby level, Hammer Building). We’re piloting a program where the first two Hubs can be reserved up to 24-hours in advance for 1-3 hours per day.

The Teamwork Hubs bring people, space, and information together to enhance productivity and help groups to excel. And the technology is easy to use – just connect a Puck in the center of the table to your laptop and share content instantly on the monitors. If you encounter any issues, just let one of the staff members know and we will help you.