Isabel is a differential diagnosis support system designed to identify potential missed diagnoses. By entering a list of patient symptoms and information, Isabel generates a list of the 10 most likely diagnoses. For more information on each diagnosis, the following library resources are linked to each page: DynaMed Plus, PubMed (General Search, Clinical Queries, Systematic Review, Case Reports), UpToDate, Access Medicine, Clinical Key, Micromedex and Lexicomp.

The diagnostic support feature is recommended for clinicians and staff seeing patients in a clinical setting.

In addition to clinical applications, Isabel also has educational features. Professors can create and import case exercises that students complete in the program. Beginning with a Pre-Test where students access uploaded PDFs of case descriptions, images, lab results, etc., the student can look up potential diagnoses for that case. After searching for more information in the linked resources, the student can go back to the case and answer questions in the Post-Test. 

The education feature is recommended for teaching faculty who want students to learn diagnostic skills in a controlled environment through exploration of information resources.

Isabel can be accessed through the Library Catalog CLIO: