Columbia University faculty, staff, and students with full access privileges can download a free copy of EndNote desktop and access Endnote online.

EndNote Desktop Installation

There are different steps for installing the EndNote software based on the operating system – Windows or Mac.


Installing EndNote desktop for a Windows PC requires two files – a license file and an installer file. For the installation to work correctly, follow these steps:

  1. Download and save the license file (License.dat): Click For License File
  2. Download the installer file (ENX9Inst.msi) and save it to the same folder location as the license file: Click For Installer File
  3. Run the installer file

If a window pops up about entering a license key or about an error when installing EndNote for Windows, the download process was not done correctly. Start the process over. Follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall EndNote from the computer 
  2. Delete any downloaded files (e.g., the license and installer files)
  3. Restart the computer
  4. Follow the download process listed above.


Installing EndNote desktop for a Mac requires only the installer file (EndNoteX9.dmg): Click for Installer File

Saving an EndNote Library

When an EndNote Library is created, two separate files are generated: (1) a library.enl file and (2) a data file. Both files need to be saved in the same location in order for the EndNote Library to function properly. Avoid saving files on a shared drive as they will become corrupted and unusable. It is a good practice to select a folder or location on the computer where both files can be saved without risk of losing data or file corruption.

EndNote Online

EndNote has an online version of the software that can be connected to a user’s EndNote desktop library. Once they are synced together, the EndNote online library can be shared with up to 15 other researchers.

Create and sync an EndNote online account

An EndNote online account is required to use the online version of the software and sync reference libraries. Create an account via the process below to be identified as a CUIMC user.

  1. Install EndNote desktop onto the computer
  2. Open EndNote desktop, go to Tools>Sync
  3. Click Sign Up to create an account
  4. Once the EndNote account is created, use the same credentials on the sync screen

EndNote Login

Access EndNote Online

Access EndNote online via the Library’s Web of Science subscription. Click on the EndNote option in the black navigation bar and enter the EndNote account credentials.

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