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COVID-19 service update: the inter-campus delivery service is currently on pause. Book pick-up is generally limited to owning locations. For example, books from Health Sciences Library (HSL) is to be picked up at HSL only; refer to the "How to Pick Up Materials" section on this page for Morningside pick-up locations. Alternatively, use scanning service for electronic delivery. To request a book pick-up, use the Pick-Up link in CLIO as demonstrated below.

Pick-up link in CLIO



To borrow a book located at another Columbia University library (excluding the Law Library and Teachers College Library), request it via the free inter-campus delivery service. This service is available to current CUIMC faculty, students, and staff to request eligible circulating library collections. Books requested for inter-campus delivery are usually available in 3-4 business days. You’ll receive an email once the item is available.

Submitting an inter-campus delivery request

  1. Locate the title you want to request from another Columbia University Library in the online catalog CLIO
  2. Click on the item's record
  3. In the menu bar on the page, click on "Requests", then choose the "Inter-Campus Delivery" option
    Inter-campus delivery request
  4. A new window Request It page will open
    • Select the "Request Delivery of a Morningside Heights book to the Health Sciences Library" option
    • Click Continue
  5. Complete the form:
    • Select the retrieval location (the library that owns the book)
    • Confirm your contact information
    • Using information from the book record in CLIO, paste the citation of the item - the citation should include:
      • Title
      • Author
      • Call number
  6. A request confirmation is sent to you. You will get an Item Available Notice by email when the item is ready to at the Health Sciences Library.
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