MetaCore Seminar & Hands-On Training

"Network Biology Approaches to 'Omics' Data Analysis of infiltrating CD4+ T-cells in Breast Cancer Patients" 

Wednesday, March 21, 2017


Knowledge Center Learning Lab (Room 104)

Abstract: Network biology or pathway-based data analysis approaches allow the identification of networks of biological entities that may collectively define mechanisms and phenotypes, especially as they relate to disease.  Herein, we applied a network biology workflow, focused on 'omics' data analysis, to hypothesize biomarkers and therapeutic targets based on the infiltration of CD4+ T-cells in breast cancer patients.  Our workflow included in silico approaches that integrate the analysis of disease gene signatures  and powerful disease pathway analysis methodologies implemented in MetaCore.  Preliminary results led to the prioritization of several promising breast cancer biomarkers and drug targets.  Researchers asking similar translational biology questions, across different disciplines and therapeutic areas, can use similar approaches and take advantage of MetaCore's powerful analysis tools to drive the discovery of clinically relevant biomarkers and drug targets.  

Training will be conducted by Matthew Wampole, Ph.D of Clarivate Analytics.

Space is limited to 22 seats

If you are attending, you must bring your own laptop for the training portion of the event.