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Upon NIH award acceptance:

  •  Communicate with all potential authors who may publish as a result of your grant award that they must comply with the NIH Public Access policy. They should keep you informed of any potential manuscripts resulting from your award.


  •  Designate (PI, author, staff member) a point of contact person to ensure that the manuscript moves through the PMC submission process.



The PI has the ultimate responsibility for ensuring all peer-reviewed publications resulting from NIH funding be deposited into PubMed Central (PMC).  Publications not in compliance with the policy will delay issuance of the notice of grant award.



Manuscript preparation:

  • Notify the PI or the designated person that you are working on a manuscript so that s/he can plan to follow its progress.


  •  Review the journal’s ‘Instructions to Authors’ for any specific information related to the NIH Public Access Policy prior to article submission.


  •  Contact the journal’s publisher to alert them that the manuscript is funded by NIH.


  •  Initiate the submission process immediately after your manuscript is accepted for publication.


  •  Clarify with the journal’s publisher whether they will deposit the final manuscript into PMC on your behalf or if you need to do this yourself using the NIH Manuscript System (NIHMS).     To identify the submission method consult:



  •  Monitor your manuscript’s progress through the submission system. Remember that you must have a PMC ID within 3 months of publication date.


For Assistance please contact Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA)


Health Sciences Library

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This checklist is based on content from the Columbia University NIH Public Access Policy Tips Sheet