Using Mendeley features to organize a citation library.

Citation management tools are a great way to keep track of all of your references. However, these tools are most useful when users have a consistent organization system. Mendeley has several features that allow users to tag and sort their documents for quick reference.  


Mendeley users can add folders and subfolders to organize their library. To create a new folder, click on the “Create Folder” button in the top left corner of Mendeley or click “Create Folder…” at the bottom of the “My Library” section in your left panel (see highlighted buttons below). After the folder is created and named, simply click and drag documents from the main panel into the folder.  

"Mendeley Folders"

Filtering and Tags 

Mendeley has a filtering feature at the bottom of the left panel (highlighted below). Users can filter by author keywords, authors, my tags, and publications.  

Unlike author keywords, authors, and publications, tags need to be added manually as the user determines the tags. To tag a document, click on a document in the main panel and type in tags in the right-hand “Details” panel (highlighted below). Tags that have already been entered will pop up as suggestions in the future.  

"Mendeley Tagging"


Mendeley has multiple help guides and informational videos to assist users, such as the video about organizing your library below.  


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