From October 10, 2012 to March 2013 the library entry way will be home to an evolving art exhibit, Reimaging Plastics: From Lab to Studio, by Molly Heron

Petri Towers 2012

The 13 six-foot-tall towers currently on display Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library lobby are made with plastic petri dishes repurposed from the science labs in the building. The dishes were cleaned, rinsed, and dried. The dried tops and bottoms were coated with paint and then sorted into color families. A hole was drilled through the top and bottom so they could be stacked into towers on metal rods.

Artist's Statement
Reimagining the Proximity of Plastics

In this project I work with plastics, from recycled petri dishes to iPhone packaging to food containers, coated in a layer of discarded house paint, which is itself plastic-based. In repurposing everyday plastic objects that are so ubiquitous in our lives, I am exploring ideas about the accumulation and excess of plastics in our ecosystems. I interrupt and aesthetically reimagine the intended trajectory of these materials with artistic manipulation and relocation. I consider these works to be interventions, even knowing they redirect only a minute portion of the countless plastic objects discarded.

Molly Heron, 2013