The Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library strives to provide clean and pleasant spaces to our visitors. Our goal is to have a sustainable environment that is conducive to scholarly efforts, minimizes distractions, and can be enjoyed equally by all Library visitors – current and future. This requires that we exercise care in monitoring the use of spaces we oversee.

Location of Library spaces

All Library spaces are located in the Hammer Health Sciences building:                

  • Lobby level: Knowledge Center and adjacent 24-Hour Space
  • LL1: Quiet Reading Room, Group Study Rooms, Study Carrels

Violation of Library policies

Library use is a privilege. If an individual or group is not adhering to Library policies, they may be asked to present identification, directed to leave the Library, reported to administrative personnel, and possibly refused future access for a period of time. Disciplinary and legal action may be taken in accordance with applicable federal, state, city, and University laws and policies.

Space use policies


Guide and service animals for people with disabilities are welcome in the Library. We also host approved therapy animals in conjunction with the Student Wellness Center. All other animals must remain outside the Library spaces.


The Library is not responsible for the security of personal property. Library visitors must keep their personal belongings with them at all times. Personal belongings may not be used to reserve a space for an extended period of time. Personal belongings left unattended for an extended period of time are subject to removal by Library staff and storage with the Public Safety department.


Individuals, classes, groups, or organizations wishing to photograph or film facilities, staff, or users in Library spaces must first request permission from the Library administration.

Cell phones and pagers

Set cell phones and pagers ringers to low volume or vibrate. To make or take a call, please step outside the Library space and away from other Library patrons. Please remember to take your belongings with you to prevent theft.


Children accompanied by individuals with Library access privileges may visit the Library spaces. It is the responsibility of the accompanying adult to ensure the child is supervised and is not disruptive. Children may not use the computers.


Academic work has priority at all Library computers. Library computers are managed by the CUMC IT group and fall under their usage policies: https://secure.cumc.columbia.edu/cumcit/secure/policy/computer.html

Food & drink

Food is not allowed in the Knowledge Center and Library staff members are charged with monitoring the space. Beverages must be in covered, preferably spill-proof and reusable containers. We will remind Library visitors of the food and drink policy.

Food and drink is allowed in other Library spaces, such as the lobby-level 24-Hour Room and the spaces on LL1.

Lost and found

Lost and found items are taken to the CUMC Public Safety Office in the Black Building.

Misuse of Library furniture, equipment, and facilities

Misuse or defacement of Library furniture, equipment, and facilities is forbidden. Misuse can be characterized by:

  • Using furniture, equipment, or facilities in a way which causes damage or excessive wear (e.g., putting feet on chairs or walls)
  • Using more than one seat per person
  • Using Library furniture or collections in a manner other than its intended purpose
  • Purposefully damaging materials


Library collaborative environments are characterized by a respectful, conversational noise level; Library quiet environments are characterized by silence.

  • Lobby-level Knowledge Center: collaborative
  • Lobby-level 24-Hour Space: front section is collaborative, rear section is quiet
  • LL1 Quiet Reading Room: quiet
  • LL1 Group Study Rooms: collaborative
  • LL1 Study Carrels: quiet


Library spaces may not be used for prolonged sleeping or as living quarters. Re-arranging furniture for sleeping is not permitted.


Solicitation is not permitted in the Library spaces.

Wheeled transportation

Only equipment used by mobility-impaired patrons is allowed in the Knowledge Center space. All other types of wheeled transportation (skates, skateboards, scooters, Segways, etc.) must remain outside of the Knowledge Center.