We offer an advisory service to Columbia University students conducting systematic reviews as part of their educational program. The specific services are outlined below and you may opt to use as few or as many parts of the service as needed.

Service Included
Guidance with systematic review development processes Referral to relevant handbooks and guidance documents
Referral to relevant reporting standards
Guidance on timelines, skills and competencies required to complete a systematic review
Protocol development Instructions on where to find existing protocols
Feedback on initial protocol draft
Question formulation Feedback on framing of research questions and advice on how to translate into a search strategy
Search strategy Referral to searching tutorials for methods and techniques (classes, on-line and print sources)
Feedback on initial search strategy, including trouble-shooting of specific issues
Advice on relevant electronic databases and sources to search
Advice on adaption of strategy for different databases
Choice of software programs Advice on choosing programs used in the different processes of systematic review development: manuscript template, organizing bibliographic citations, study screening, data extraction, data analysis
Documentation and search methods reporting Advice on documenting search strategies, search results and reporting of methods in manuscript