What is one of the most challenging tasks when conducting a quantitative analysis? I’d guess most of us in the data analysis realm would say data finding and data cleaning. Have you ever given up on your amazing research idea, because there were no data available or you could not find the data in time to conduct your analysis? Google Dataset Search makes the data finding process easier.

Google Dataset Search is a search engine exclusive to datasets. A beta version was launched on September, 2018 and it is out of the beta version in 2020. In an article on Medium, data analyst Gonzalo Ferreiro Volpi describes Google Dataset Search as, “born to enable easy access to all those many thousands of data repositories on the web, providing access to millions of datasets; and local and national governments around the world which publishes their data as well.”

This is a great step forward for data analysts as we often struggle to find free publicly available datasets. The Dataset Search is not only beneficial for people who are interested in finding datasets, but also for people who are interested in increasing their data discoverability (e.g. you can promote a dataset you created). If you are interested in making your dataset appear in the Dataset Search, visit the developer site!

Sounds like a fun new tool to play with, right? Start your data discovery today by clicking HERE!

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