Searching in the AccessMedicine Database


AccessMedicine is a great database with 100s of ebooks, as well as multimedia, self-assessment, case studies, and more. But sometimes it can be difficult to search when you are looking for specific information.

Unlike Google, where adding more keywords helps to narrow down search results, AccessMedicine works best when fewer and more precise keywords are used to search for information. In fact, adding too many keywords turns up less search results and excludes relevant information in AccessMedicine.

For example, try searching for end-of-life care for elderly people with dementia in AccessMedicine. If you type this entire sentence into the search bar, AccessMedicine will return only 12 search results in textbooks, some of which won’t be very relevant. If you use broader terms such as palliative care and geriatrics, you will get 93 results with highly relevant book chapters.

Bottom line, when searching in AccessMedicine, remember to use fewer and broader keywords to search for information. You will get better and more relevant search results!

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