It’s that time of the semester... what would you do for your final project?  When you start thinking about a project; one crucial element that will drive your research is data availability, especially for those who are interested in quantitative data analysis. Good news, NYC Open Data can be your BFF from now on.

NYC Open Data holds various datasets in 11 fields, including health and environment data that you might find interesting to use in your project. For instance, it has a clean and ready-to-go dataset of the NYC Community Health Survey. NYC Community Health Survey (CHS) is “a telephone survey conducted annually by the DOHMH, Division of Epidemiology, Bureau of Epidemiology Services. CHS provides robust data on the health of New Yorkers, including neighborhood, borough, and citywide estimates on a broad range of chronic diseases and behavioral risk factors” (

If you enjoy data wrangling and figuring things out on your own, large and raw datasets will give you an opportunity to conduct more unique analysis and spark your creativity! The 311 Service Requests dataset, for instance, has numerous data points that you can dig around to figure out many interesting things. Bear in mind that the dataset is large, which may require you to have some knowledge in statistical software (e.g. R, SAS, STATA etc.).

For map enthusiasts, NYC Open Data has datasets that contain spatial data. When you type “GIS” or “Shapefile” in the search bar, you will see collections of spatial datasets that you can explore.

Start thinking about your amazing project NOW by visiting NYC Open Data! If you are interested in doing research outside of NYC, will be a good place to start with.



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