Study Tools for Medical Education: Flashcards, Q+A Question Banks and Cases

Are you looking for supplementary aids to retain and recall the knowledge that you need to prepare for licensure and boards exams? Here are some databases with study tools that can help with your preparation.

AccessMedicine is an online medical resource that provides students with the tools they need to excel in basic and advanced studies, clerkships, and tests.

You can find test prep materials by typing USMLE or “board review” in the search field. Once you have created a personalized AccessMedicine account, you can “favorite” (by clicking on the tiny star) book chapters, tables, or images and save them in a virtual folder for further review.

Click on Cases to read and answer brief questions on various clinical scenarios. Use Study Tools to practice your recall of medical knowledge by answering multiple-choice quizzes or reviewing interactive flashcards. Battle the computer or challenge a colleague by playing the turn-based quiz game, AccessMedicine Showdown.

LWW Health Library
Users with their own LWW Health Library account can enjoy personalization such as quizzing, saved searches and content, robust printing capability, seamless off-site access, and more. After you create a personal account, you can type USMLE in the search field and can favorite book chapters or sections for review.

Choose the Medical Education collection to access the Self Assessment and Cases modules. Self Assessment includes question banks, image labeling exercises, practice questions/quizzes, and study critiques designed for course and test preparation. Some cases are downloadable, while others are interactive. Interactive question banks allow you to create topic-based quizzes and take a comprehensive exam. Cases include assets such as patient profiles/vignettes, along with related patient management questions. Some cases are downloadable, while others are interactive.

Thieme MedOne
You can create customized board review exam sessions by selecting from a pool of over 6000 questions.  The questions come from two collections: Otolaryngology board review Q+A and Radiology board review Q+A. You can also check your stats and see how you performed on these sessions.

The MedOne Playlist allows you to assemble your favorite content into a collection for easy viewing. You can add playlist content from MedOne, your personal files, or external URLs via the "Add URL" button. You can set your playlist to private or share your playlist with other MedOne users.

To create a free personalized MedOne account:
1. Click on the link “Sign up for access at home.” You must be complete this on a device within the Columbia University IP range.
2. Once you have created your own profile, you can favorite content from MedOne, create playlists, and customize your Q+A bank. This will also enable you to access the site from outside the university.

Available books for USMLE & Board Review preparation
Here is a curated list of books on CLIO that contain essential content for exam preparation:

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