Use Diagnosaurus 4.0 for differential diagnoses

Diagnosaurus 4.0 offers differential diagnoses (DDx) by symptoms, diseases, and organ systems 

Many conditions produce similar symptoms. A DDx is a list of possible diagnoses, which medical providers use to identify the correct diagnosis. You will also see the term etiology used in Diagnosaurus. While differential diagnosis and etiology are sometimes used synonymously, etiology refers to possible causes of a condition rather than a list of diagnoses. 

You can search for entries in the search bar or by scrolling through an alphabetized list. You can also narrow down the entries to symptoms only, diseases only, or view by organ systems using the left-hand bar (see below)

Diagnosaurus side bar small

This can be helpful if you want to explore a patient’s chief symptom or if you have a diagnosis in mind and want to see what else you should consider. Once you find your desired diagnosis, you can click on the link to see all the resources available covering it in AccessMedicine including book chapters, tables, patient education, cases, images, references, multimedia, and textbooks.  

Every entry will have a “See related DDx” section, which links you to related entries. This can be a good tool to use if a symptom reminds you of a condition that isn’t quite perfect but close. Some entries will also have a list of "associated conditions" or "types." 

You can use this tool in a browser or in the free AccessMedicine app for iPhones, iPads, and Android phones. To log in to the app, you must create a free account on AccessMedicine, which comes with a multitude of other benefits.  

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