Discover AccessMedicine Human Anatomy Tours

If you’re looking for interactive modules that allow you to visualize the human body, try the 3-D AccessMedicine human anatomy tours. There are both female and male anatomy modules, from complete body models to specific parts such as the brain, heart, and respiratory system.

To access the human anatomy tours, go to AccessMedicine and click on “Multimedia” in the navigation bar. Select “Human Anatomy Modules" from the dropdown list.

The power of these modules is the ability to manipulate the anatomical structures. For example, in the brain module you can rotate the view 360° and zoom in on specific areas. The left-hand menu offers options for different views or anatomical sections. You can also remove or isolate layers to explore anatomical elements in more detail.

Brain Model page from AccessMedicine
Brain. [Multimedia]. McGraw Hill.  Retrieved from accessmedicine-mhmedical-com. Accessed January 30, 2021. 

Next time when you are studying anatomy, try this high-quality, interactive anatomical model for a 360° review!

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